Your Passport to Award-Winning Restaurants

We’ve selected one signature dish from River Market restaurants. With each passport, simply choose 5 signature dishes from this menu and eat your way through River Market!

Omnivore Food Crawl menu SOLD OUT

  • Tre Galli Gelato Caffe Gelato Ice Cream or Coffee: Two scoops of authentic Italian Gelato in a cup or 2 piccolo lattes.
  • Longtail Thai Kitchen Famous Chicken Wings: Four pieces of these famous chicken wings served with tamarind sauce.
  • Pamola Bakery Chicken Tostada: Crunchy open-faced tortilla with beans, cheese, tomato, lettuce and guacamole.
  • Great Wall Tea Company 12oz River Market Mist Latte plus one Mini Bag of any regular tea to take home.
  • Re-Up BBQ Mini Pulled Pork Sandwich: Signature pulled pork on a flaky buttery biscuit served with slaw.
  • Angelina’s Dutch Corner Signature Waffle: Our famous waffle crowned with whipping cream and fresh seasonal mixed berries and compote sauce.
  • Ninja Bubble Tea Ninja Milk Tea: Original Assam black tea served with pearls in a one liter cup.
  • Butcher’s Table Mini Slider: Housemade burger patty, served with tomato, lettuce and aioli sauce.
  • Paddlewheeler Pub Chicken Strip and Fries: One juicy breaded chicken strip served with fries.

Vegan Food Crawl menu SOLD OUT

  • Tre Galli Gelato Caffe Sorbetto or Coffee: Two scoops of authentic Italian Sorbetto in a cup, or 2 piccolo lattes with soy or oat milk.
  • Longtail Thai Kitchen Pad Thai: A starter size vegan rendition of Longtail’s famous Pad Thai.
  • Pamola Bakery 2 Veggie Tacos: Soft corn tortilla shells filled with mildly-spiced mushrooms.
  • Great Wall Tea Company 12oz River Market Mist Latte plus one Mini Bag of any regular tea.
  • Re-Up BBQ Small Southern Chilli: Black bean and corn chilli cooked with three kinds of peppers.
  • Angelina’s Dutch Corner Tofu Hash: Hash browns mixed with green peppers, onions, tomatoes, corn, mushrooms, tofu and avocado toast.
  • Ninja Bubble Tea Cala-Mango Chia Green Tea: Real mango fruit, chia seeds with calamansi flavour and green tea, served in a 1 liter cup.

Where can I purchase a Food Crawl passport in person?

Food Crawl passports can be purchased for $20 from Jolene’s Natural Soap, next to Great Wall Tea Co. on the ground floor. For purchases of more than 10 Food Crawl passports, please contact River Market admin office or 604.520.3881.