The Business Incubator Program at River Market is designed to provide small business owners a platform for their business to succeed in a safe environment.

For the vendor: Here is an opportunity to test the success of your business, and to showcase your product or service to customers from a wide demographic.

The Program: River Market is offering three programs for businesses interested in operating from the market. A monthly booking rate, a weekly booking rate or a daily rate. The programs are designed to provide a platform for business owners to accurately predict their operational costs. The program also serves the visitors of the market, by providing them a wide range of products and services on a consistent basis.

River Market is primarily interested in products that fall into these categories:

  • Home (e.g. décor, organization, linens)
  • Fashion (e.g. clothes, accessories, jewelry, textiles)
  • Kids (e.g. clothes, books, toys, games)
  • Unique retail offerings (e.g. handcrafted or one of kind items)

If you would like to become a vendor with River Market, please email us at

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