Tiny Crafts Edition

We invite you to get crafty this summer!

InfuseĀ 15 minutes of creative fun into your day with a series of tiny crafts. Most fun when joined by a friend.

Craft A Message
Craft Cafe
Who doesn’t love to receive a postcard in the mail? Write a postcard to a loved one and we’ll mail it out for you.

Yarn It Up
Cosy Yarns
Turn some colourful yarn into a pom-pom. Then, turn that pom-pom into a bookmark.

PS New West
Great Wall Tea Co
Write a beautiful line of verse in eighty characters or less. Want to share your poem? Enter it into our PS New West Poetry Contest.

Tiny Soaps + Tiny Buttons
Jolene’s Natural Soaps
Choose a mold and a scent to make your own tiny soap. When our resident soap maker isn’t here, choose your favourite scent and make a tiny button.

Letter To A Faerie
The Wylde Wood Collective
Share your secrets in a letter to a faerie. Post it at the special Faerie Postbox in the Wylde Wood and wait for a reply.

Ninja Puppet
Ninja Bubble Tea
What can you make with cardstock, crayons, popsicle sticks and glue? A friendly, Feisty Ninja puppet of your own. (Starts mid-August)