Project Description

The Marketing Fair for Children is an innovative original idea that will be launch at the 2nd annual Tinypreneurs event on June 2nd, with the purposes of teaching children a fun way to promote their future businesses.

At the Fair, several businesses and organizations will attend with their promotional Mascots to help us teach the children about Marketing.

Local businesses like CashMoney and Menchies will join outside organizations like the  Vancouver Aquarium, the PNE and the Professional Baseball team mascots (among others) for a truly feisty, colourful and unforgettable entrepreneurial family gathering to promote Business in New Westminster and entrepreneurial education since the early age.

Please see our facebook link for more details.

Community Benefit

The benefits for the Community will be significant, as New Westminster will have another very Unique and original entertainment option for the whole family.

It will be a great opportunity to teach the children in the Community useful skills for their future while creating memories they will remember for years to come.

Last but not least, we are expecting to attract businesses, organizations and audiences from all over the lower mainland in B.C and this would be a great a bust and a beneficial economic impact for the businesses in this area.

Also, it will promote New Westminster as an ideal destination where you can have a good time with your family and also do and promote businesses.

Project Cost

The cost of just the ”Marketing Fair for Children” which is part of the 2nd Annual Tinypreneurs event could be around $2000, (not including the Tinypreneurs event cost).

The One Prize-winning would be use to increase the quality of the project by hiring talent, creating educational games and other attractions related with this project as well as to cover partial cost of promotion for this specific celebration.

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