Project Description

We all have books we’d like to share with others. The idea behind ‘Library on the River’ is to help create a singular space (e.g. at River Market) which will house various sections with books from the personal collections of members of the local community.

Each section (fiction, non-fiction, cookbooks, romance, history, poetry, children’s, YA) will be personally curated by a member passionate about that genre. So, if we have seven sections, and each person is available to keep their section open for a different day of the week, the whole library can potentially be open all seven days a week.

Rather than serve as an all-inclusive university-type library where any potential book is easily available, the purpose of this library is to host a more personalised, curated collection from people’s homes.

Often times, we find that so many books on our shelves are catching dust. This library is a great way to bring the community together to get excited about the books we collectively love. The library will begin with a fiction section, and build organically as more members get involved.

Community Benefit

The project will draw book lovers, writers and readers in downtown New West. The River Market community already has so much to offer: great food, artistic programs for families with young kids, a serene waterfront quay, stores which feature local products… A library would complete the community experience in a simple and beautiful way.

The library can also become a local hub where writers meet on a regular basis to discuss their work with each other, and for readers to share stories of their favourite books. The library opens up so many possibilities for community engagement.

Project Cost

Funds from the ONE Prize will be used to rent space at River Market, buy shelving for the books, publicise the library to the community, host local events like write-ins and book clubs, and towards the management and running of the library.

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