Project Description
Our project will be a mural which will transform an alley located in Uptown New Westminster into a special public space. We plan to turn this alley into a “Secret Garden” which will be a hidden gem where residents and tourists can escape the daily grind and find peace and tranquility while being surrounded by the beautifully painted walls.

Our proposed space is tucked away between two commercial buildings close to 6th Street and Brantford (Alley at 435 Sixth St) and will be an intriguing surprise for locals and tourists to stumbleupon.

We would like to include a small seating area where people can take a load off and enjoy being in this hidden oasis.

Current Status
The mural has been painted. Watch the time lapse videos of the artwork in progress on YouTube.

Community Benefit
It has been proven that cities which have more public spaces create a higher quality of life for their people. By providing these spaces it allows communities to connect and grow stronger, and a strong, connected community is the foundation for happy and healthy people.

We want the Secret Garden to become a public space for residents and tourists alike to feel safe, secure and happy to visit. We will transform an unused space off of 6th Street into a cool and surprising painted garden for people to meet up with friends, enjoy a coffee or take some down time from their busy lives.

The great thing about our project is that it will have a long term lifespan and will hopefully become a much loved part of the community for people to enjoy for years to come.

Project Cost
Paint and other miscellaneous supplies $1,000
Table, chairs, and secure installation $600

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