Project Description
We are Royal City Musical Theatre are hoping to create something brand new in New Westminster. A new tradition, if you will. We want to present a Musical in Concert on the Massey Theatre stage. What is a musical in concert? Well, it is essentially where the cast gets only two or three days of rehearsals, get up in front of an audience and sings/acts/moves/ through an entire 2 act musical, with scripts in their hands. It’s a concept that has been done in the city of Vancouver before, but never in New West. We would fit about 40-60 locals on the Massey Stage, with casts of 20-30 to do the show. We are hoping to bring Les Miserable, Miss Saigon, Jesus Christ Superstar, and many more. Our first show will be October 2017 and the show selection is still to be determined. We think this could be a wonderful new tradition for our Theatre Company and for the City of New West. I should also mention, the first concert, in October, we are hoping to have it be free to the members of RCMT and by donation to the public, we feel theatre should be accessible and any funding would help with that immensely. Thank you for your consideration!

Community Benefit
To create tradition and to create new interest in the arts. This is a new and exciting way to tell a story. We anticipate this turning into an evening/event that we can produce 3-4 per year. This will not only employ members of the community, but bring in locals alike to experience intimate theatre in a location they probably have never been before. It feeds curiosity, arts, music, and maybe, just maybe, introduces someone new to Musical Theatre in New West.

Project Cost
We are proposing a $4000 budget for the 1 one. Since this will be our first concert, we expect the costs to come down a bit as we go. The ONE Prize will help us secure fantastic musicians and singers (of course, searching out people based in New West). It will also help us pay our artists, something that is so important these days. Arts, musicians, singers, painters, photographers, etc have had enough “exposure” that doesn’t pay bills. We would be hoping to pay as many people as possible for this one night concert, while keeping costs low, so we can offer it free/donation to the public. It’s a fine line and RCMT, honestly, is willing to loose a bit a money on our concert in order to accomplish this. However, this money of course, would help offset that and provide structure that we can turn into a break even budget, as per our Non-profit charitable status.

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