The Poppy ProjectProject Description
The Poppy Project started in September 2016. New Westminster is invited to lend a hand in a community art project for Remembrance Day.

The red poppy, a symbol of soldiers who have died and fought in armed conflicts around the world, will be the focal point of an art project. The group is collecting handmade, knitted or crocheted poppies for a large art installation meant to honour all Canadians who have experienced the horrors of war.

We are hoping to make a large blanket, covered with handmade red poppies, to be displayed in a prominent public place and to be a focal point of remembrance,” said a press release about The Poppy Project. “In contrast to professionally commissioned artworks, this piece will be created and put together by local Canadian citizens and will incorporate messages from their hearts.”

Cosy Yarn Knitting Studio holds “Poppy-thons” on the 11th of every month reminding knitters and crocheters to come to the studio and knit/crochet poppies together as a group or make poppies and bring them to the studio. This is a wonderful experience as we knit and chat together and many have stories they share.

Community Benefit
This project is a work of art and will have a huge impact on our community. It will be a stunning blanket that so many people in New Westminster have been and will continue to contribute to. Anyone who hears about this project thinks it wonderful and would love to be part of it. The feed back is over whelming.

It is also a reminder as we knit or crochet poppies of all who served in the wars. We hope our blanket will be displayed in Anvil Centre this Remembrance Day and many residents and visitors will see it and remember those who served in the wars, “Lest we forget”.

Cosy Yarns is honoured to be part of this wonderful project and are proud of all the volunteers that are making this blanket possible. Many knitters stop by Cosy Yarns and share their and their family’s war experience and stories with us.

Project Cost
We have not spent any money to date. We are all volunteers and Cosy Yarns has donated a supply of red and green yarn.

We would like to spread the word in the community (other than word of mouth) so we would like to do some advertising (create banners, posters etc) for more volunteers to help knit and crochet. We will also need professional help in the display of the blanket. It will be very heavy and will need to be sown together and displayed properly. We estimate spending $2000-3000 dollars.

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