Bottlecap MuralProject Description
This project will engage New Westminster elementary, middle, and secondary students in a collaborative mural making project in which tens of thousands of plastic bottle caps are saved from landfills and upcycled into community art installations inspired by the theme of reconciliation. Each participating school in the city will be provided with a basic kit of materials, a ‘how to’ guide, and a list of First Nations Education Steering Committee (FNESC) approved reconciliation learning resources and lesson plans to facilitate meaningful creative dialogue and artistic inquiry. Each participating school will create its own mural to be publicly displayed either on school property or throughout the community of New Westminster.

Community Benefit
The Reconciliation Bottle Cap Mural Project will benefit the New Westminster community both socially and environmentally. Meaningful and important social change is accomplished by focusing classroom learning on the topic of reconciliation which leads to local students becoming better informed and excited to do the creative work of social transformation through this colourful, collaborative community art project. The wider New Westminster community benefits from exposure to the student-created public art that is inspired by the theme of reconciliation because public art provokes generational public discourse. Meaningful and important environmental change is accomplished by saving thousands of plastic bottle caps from ending up in landfills. Through this project, residents and visitors of New Westminster alike will increase their awareness of upcycling as a beautiful and innovative art form while simultaneously making reconciliation a foundational goal for a better, stronger community.

Project Cost
The goal of the Reconciliation Bottle Cap Mural Project to engage each school in School District 40 to create a unique 4’x8′ bottle cap mural which in some way artistically expresses the theme of reconciliation. Each school will be provided with a basic resource kit including: ‘how-to’ instruction guide/school based project plan, FNESC Reconciliation resource list (stories and lesson plans for integrated classroom learning), 4’x8′ plywood sheet, wood screws, wood sealant, tempera paint. The estimated cost for this project kit is $160 x 12 schools = $1,920.

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