BoomerangProject Description. What is your project?
We are volunteers for New Westminster Environmental Partners and currently are beginning a Boomerang Bag initiative whereby we (about 35 volunteers) create cloth bags with our logo on them for distribution by local merchants, so any shopper who has forgotten their cloth bag can use a Boomerang bag and not take a plastic one from the merchant. To begin with we will create 400 sewn bags and we have two vendors already lined up to distribute the bags: Rain City Juicery in mid May and The Royal City Farmer’s Market in June of 2017. We are getting donations of cloth, time and expertise. We need to purchase some tools including: rulers, cutting boards (which cost between $30-$50) and pay for silk screen paint and printing for the NWEP logo. We had our first sew a thon March 16 where we made a few sewn bags and discussed donated supplies, required tools and possible distribution points. We plan to have 2-4 sew a thons a month in hopefully donated space. This project will result in less use of plastic bags in New Westminster. The Boomerang bags will be useful to the merchants as they all advertise buying cloth bags to reduce the use of plastics and some shops including the local Save On Foods are charging 5 cents to use plastic bags. The funding from One Prize will not cover all of our costs but will go a long way to get us started and supplement other grant money. We will acknowledge our grant funding partners though our social media and if possible in the local media. This project is needed to reduce the use of plastic which generally goes to landfill and ultimately some plastic ends up in our waterways killing many types of marine life and polluting our water. It is also getting neighbours working together on an ongoing basis and helping to create community connection.

Community Benefit
New Westminster Environmental Partners has a long and favourable history in our city and has launched ongoing and sustainable environmental events like the Royal City Farmer’s Market, community gardens and Shoreline Clean Up. Many of the New Westminster residents are interested in assisting in the creation, distribution and promotion of the Boomerang Bags. In the process of making bags and seeking donations many residents are meeting for the first time and having a united goal and multiple sew a thons gives volunteers a sense of purpose and strengthens the connection to New Westminster. We have about 35 volunteers showing up for sew a thons and word continues to spread through social media. We will promote this project though both social media, including our Facebook and website, and local media like Royal City Record and Tenth to the Fraser. Having the bags for distribution at the Royal City Farmer’s Market will further promote the cause. This project will bring together everyone in New Westminster willing to participate: Families, Children, Youth, Adults, Seniors, Newcomers, Long term residents etc.

Project Cost
Budget Description
rulers 15 x $20 = $300.00
cutting boards (6 boards x $50) = $300.00
paint = $200.00
printing of silk screening = $300.00
thread = $50.00
cutters 15 x $20 = $300.00
Total estimated known cost of the project is $1,450.00 . We may need funding to rent working space as the demand for the bags and number of volunteers at each sew a thon increases. Silk screening may be more expensive than estimated.

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