Project Description
The New Westminster Environmental Partner’s believes a healthy city includes positive public space for socializing. Beautifying the 6th Street corridor with a parklet matches the City of New Westminster’s positive attitude towards parklet installations such as in Sapperton. Our initial design proposal is a simple, modular design that allow a low cost, but aesthically pleasing site to be installed in one of several identified sites along the 6th street corridor. Our design is supported by the city of New Westminster and will leverage the strength of the Uptown and New Westminster community to complete the project.

Project Location: Uptown 6th Street corridor

Community Benefit
A new parklet would allow for many of the local business customers somewhere green and comfortable to sit and enjoy their purchases. Our current design includes sitting space, and planter boxes with trees for shade and  needed green accents. Parklets are well known across Canada, the USA, and Europe for bringing a break from urban environments which don’t allow people to slow down and enjoy their physical and social surroundings. We anticipate the project will bring greater amounts of pedestrian traffic to the Uptown area during the summer months to enjoy the weather, the space and the company of their neighbours.

Project Cost
We plan to use the ONE prize to partially fund the project in conjunction with some donations, in-kind work, volunteerism, and potentially other grants including Small Neighbourhood, VanCity Enviro grant, the BCEMA community grants and several others.

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