ONE Prize 2016 - HUB-NW Bike Share and Repair PhotoProject Description

The project is new and involves three components, of which the first and third are the same but involve different timelines.

Prior to June 4, HUB-New Westminster (HUB-NW) and the Moody Park Residents’ Association (MPRA) will collect unused bicycles from the community, repair them with the assistance of the New Westminster Secondary School (NWSS) Bike Club and distribute them to local, low-income families that can benefit from having a bicycle to run errands, to commute to school or work, or to simply enjoy recreational cycling.

On June 4, HUB-NW will also hold a Bike Share and Repair event in Moody Park. HUB-NW has already obtained the necessary approvals from the City of New Westminster for the event. At the event, families can swap bicycles and bike gear. A bicycle that one child has outgrown can be shared with a new owner. Bike mechanics will work with HUB volunteers and NWSS Bike Club members to tune-up bicycles and get them back into cycling condition. Bicycle experts will provide information about different bicycle types and have a selection of bicycles for the bike curious to ride.

After June 4, HUB-NW will continue to collect and repair bicycles to distribute to low-income families.

Project Location: HUB-NW will collect bicycles from throughout New Westminster and will hold the Bike Swap, Share & Repair in Moody Park.

Community Benefit
The project benefits the community

  • by providing bicycles to needy families that will allow them to use an active form of transportation to improve their financial situation and health;
  • by helping New Westminster residents to declutter their basements and storage units; and
  • by giving HUB volunteers and NWSS Bike Club members an opportunity to learn new skills by working with professional bike mechanics to repair bicycles.

Project Cost
The cost of the project will depend primarily on the number of bicycles that are donated and the types of repairs that the bicycles require. The ONE Prize will be used to purchase bicycle parts that are needed to repair donated bicycles, to provide a small honorarium to bike mechanics and bicycle donors, and to purchase refreshments for volunteers at the June 4 event. Any funds leftover after June 4 will be used to repair bicycles as the project is ongoing.

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